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TEL: + 86-25-52198849  
Mobile phone: +86(0)13813906129
Contact Person: Duran Lee

Multi- Tier Racking Systems

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     Prestar heavy dutyracking components, Multi-tier racking system can be designed to maximizeavailable ceiling height. This is the fastest way to add extra floor spacewithin the building area constraints. It gives you additional shelf locationsinstantly.
     Structural steel staircase loading gates and safety hand rails are all customdesigned and fabricated according to the shape of the racking design.

     Storagerack conclued of light duty domestic shelving, Medium duty shelving, small parts equipment, chrome wire shelving,mobile shelving,industrial shelving and heavy Warehouse racking.

     Stack racks are durable,portable,collapsible,shippable,low-cost stacking racks that reduce costlyproduct damage associated with bulk stacking, offers better space utilization,productidentification and easier handling of product.

     Factory direct prices onnew and used portable stacking storage racks,pallet stacking frames and rigidor collapsible corrugated metal containers move more material,cut handlingtime.Pallet stacking frames utilize air space ,save floor space.Tier Rack stylenest-able storage racks can safely stack up to 5 high.Bulk stack safely whilepreventing product damage.Stack racks have a high quality powder coat paintfinish.Store difficult-to-handle items .Knock down or nests whenempty.Attachable sides ,posts or end frames.Stack rack is excellent for tirestorage.

     Common terms for stackracks are stackable box,stackable container,stackable pallet,stackableracks,stacker,stackers,stackable storage bins, stacking bins,stackingpaller,stack and rack ,or simply stacking rack.If you need some advice onselecting the best solution for your application. Please feel free to callus,and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives would be happy to helpyou.See why Ironstone -Rack has been the leader in stack rack since 1955.

     Ironstone-Rack’s portablestack rack is preferred to common pallet rack for many applications due to it’sflexibility.It can be bulk stored with no aisles to save space on nonperishable items or condensed down and moved to a corner when not in use forseasonal items.Stack rack can also serve to ship product out to customers ormove product around your warehouse.


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