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Contact Person: Duran Lee

Mezzanine floor

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Mezzanine floor can be single tier or multi-tiered with each level of the mezzanine floor being accessed by stairs or lifts. When an organization expands the need for extra space is crucial, people naturally think of expanding outwards. Don’t do the same…think cubic space not floor space. A mezzanine floor makes use of the total space available to you, offering cost savings that can be enormous when compared to alternatives

mezzanine floor is a great way to optimise the storage capacity of your warehouse or office. Our mezzanine floors can be effectively installed into virtually any space from floor to ceiling and will fit seamlessly into a warehouse, office, production or retail environment.
We can design a mezzanine floor that will provide overhead space creation so you can create up to 100% more storage capacity for your individual needs.
When it comes to mezzanines, we are the China's industry experts, from a simple single tiered storage area to bespoke complex multi tiered projects that allow you to create extra space for a multitude of uses such as office space, manufacturing or assembly or for all your storage needs, maximizing all the overhead space available.

Our company’s platforms includes steel platforms and rack platforms and rack platforms with advantages of high space utilization rate, strong capacity, solid structure, flexible storage form and beautiful appearances.

mezzanine flooring

1.Mezzanine rack use floor ground as support

2.Mezzanine rack can be designed to several floors, (normally 2-3 floor)

3.Mezzanine rack equipped with stairs or goods lift and barriers etc

4.Mezzanine rack is often used in roomy storehouse with light weight goods, manual operated, huge storing quantity

5.Mezzanine rack over 50% of the storehouse utilizing can be reached.

6.Mezzanine rack Loading capacity:250-1000Kg/layer.

Key Benefits

· Various brands sold and serviced.

· Doubles your floor space, inexpensively.

· Stand alone structure, usually requires no council approvals.

· Able to be knocked down and moved or re-used.


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