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TEL: + 86-25-52198849  
Mobile phone: +86(0)13813906129
Contact Person: Duran Lee

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Angle slotted Shelving

Angle slotted Shelving

Product feature and application 

The slotted angle shelving is economical ,easy to install , nice looking , flexible composition and wide usage .

Angle steel Shelving is the ideal storage system when Adjustability is required .Used universal angle steel as the upright, is assembled by connective or inserting ,method for convenient installation . The adjustable distance of steel shelf panel is 25mm apart for multiple usage. Strong and stable, with a wide range of shelf sizes, 

Adjustable Angle steel Shelving will support weights ranging from 100 kg to 120kg per shelf ,evenly distributed. Single bays can comfortably support a total weight of 1000 kg .

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