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Mobile phone: +86(0)13813906129
Contact Person: Duran Lee

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Long span shelving

Long span shelving
Long Span Shelving is designed for everyday use in many different applications with a simple beam and shelf configuration which can be adjusted at 25mm and 50mm intervals as your option. Long span Shelving Systems incorporates a wide range of beams and frames, making it easy to customize to meet your precise needs.
The structure is created by connecting the beams into the frames. The beam is capable of withstanding heavy loading commonly between 300~800KG/Layer.The layers can be completed by shelf panels, wire decking, chipboard, steel or wood, lots of high-performance accessories are also available to extend the versatility of Steel's Long span Shelving. They can also designed for multi-tier racking used for Mezzanine system or Automotive fittings.
??? Longer length shelving with a heavier weight loading
??? A choice of 2 heights, 3 depths and 4 lengths to maximize your storage space
??? All shelves are fully adjustable at 25mm or 50mm Pitch at option
??? Easily assembled in minutes
??? Frames can be arranged delivered assembled
??? Powder coated paint finish or we can arrange hot-dipped GAL for cold storage which is lifetime rust free 
??? Extra shelves easily added
??? Increase your storage space by adding extension units 
??? Can be designed to meet individual situation such as pigeon holes shelving
Type one: Long span I: 50mm Pitch upright
The main difference between Long Span Shelving I & II is the beam. In II system, there are two types of 
beam option, that is step beam, rectangular beam, showing below:
Step Beam
Step Beam's height and Step are available in following :

Square Beam
Square Beam's height and width are available in following:

Type two: Long span II: 25mm Pitch upright

Step Beam, Square Beam are available for long span II

Special Integral Beam ( V Type ) for long span II
V Beam steel thickness are available in 2.0mm, 2.3mm and 2.5mm to meet your specific loading needs.

Long span II Upright steel thickness are available in 1.5mm-1.8mm to meet your specific loading needs.

Longs pan II Base Plate: 

Assembly is so easy.  All you need is a Rubber Mallet to connect the beams to the frames
Step 1: A single bay (starter bay) of long span shelving comprises 2 frames and then 2 beams for every level required
Step 2: If you want to build a run of bays, you simply add extention bays onto the starter bay
Step 3: Each extension bay requires only 1 extra frame and 2 beams for every level required, for example: for 2 bays, each with three levels, you would need to order 3 frames and 12 beams

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