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Contact Person: Duran Lee

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Steel structure mezzanine

Steel structure mezzanine

Steel Platform is one type of mezzanine, flat roof on the top which is fit for big products. Steel Platform provides the opportunity to fully utilize the potential of all the available space in your building. They enable you to create new or extend existing office, industrial or storage areas which can be served by staircases, lifts or conveyors

It can create new space efficiency. Goods can be stored by pallets, stack racks or can be stacked directly on the ground floor. Posts are made by round pipes or square tubes (RHS, SHS) and the primary & secondly beams are made by the I beams based on the load capacity. There are rolled type and corrugated type floor decking and mesh grid floor decking.
Steel Platform can be designed into 2 tiers or 3 tiers, flexible according to practical situation. The structure mezzanine is being produced with high quality steel, simple and delicate.
??? Additional space can be created for free style storage. Goods can be stored with or without pallets and racks;
??? Pillars of pipes or tubes (RHS,SHS) with "I" beam to form up the basic structure;
??? Floor deck comes in solid, perforated, flat, and corrugated and bar grating types;
??? Depending on the height of the warehouse, steel platform can be structured for multilevel;
??? More than a dozen types of uprights to meet different needs;

Mezzanine can help you put this space to work fast, with minimal interruption to your working floor area. Our quality engineered mezzanines meet stringent industry standards and specified requirements and are specifically designed to meet your size, load and span requirements.

Structure steel mezzanine are manufactured to meet customer???s specific requirement , whether you require loading platform, storage platform or a freestanding mezzanine floor we can help you specify and design a customized solution to suit your needs. Our mezzanine floors are very versatile in use, creating space and optimal floor area utilization in congested areas. Our structural steel mezzanine floors are able to span longer distances whilst having heavier load capabilities.
This allow for clearer areas under the raised structural for maximum space usage. The mezzanine platforms created can also be used for additional storage areas, offices or as order picking platforms. A variety of flooring medias available, as well as accessories such as staircases & landings, handrails, pallet gates and walkways.
Storage???s structural steel mezzanine floors are designed in accordance with engineering standards.

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