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Pallet racking accessories

Pallet racking accessories
Upright Protector

The Protector will reduce the damage caused by impact loads. Especially for installations with fast moving products or heavy products upright protectors are essential for the safety and durability of the racking. A number of basic protectors are available from Global.

Frame protector
Constant traffic around the end-frame or the frames at the cross aisles often causes damage to the racking, then Frame Protector is needed. A number of frame protectors are available from Global.

Base plate
Ironstone provide various base plates for your warehouse racking system
Standard Bolted Base plates 
Heavy Duty Bolted Base plates

Pallet support bar
Support Bars are not only support pallet but also drum, coil and etc.

Frame spacer
Frame spacers are needed in various warehouse racking system including pallet racking, drive-in racking, push back & etc. 

Drum support bar

Upright Splice Kits are using to connect two uprights which in able to achieve clients various requirements of height demands. 

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