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Push Back Pallet Racking

Push Back Pallet Racking
Push Back Pallet Racking

Push Back Pallet Racking provides highly effective use of space by combining high density storage with high speed access. The system offers safe and dense storage for 2, 3 4, 5, and 6 pallet deep storage. Typically up to 5 pallets high.

Pallets are push backed and gravity fed back to the pick aisle via stacked carts. Carts are pushed using conventional handling equipment and retrieved from the same aisle, so the pick face remains constantly full.

Push Back Racking operates on the FILO (First In, Last Out) principle.

All lanes can be accessed from the aisle at any time irrespective of the storage level. This promotes a low damage environment as the fork trucks never enter the rack.

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Advantages of Push Back Pallet Racking 
Conventional forklift trucks load pallets into inclined magazines for storage. Once loaded, the pallets
return automatically to the front of the rack by gravity. By retrieving from the front of the rack, pallets are stored on a FILO basis.  The system offers safe and dense storage for 2, 3 and 4 deep pallet storage. Typically up to 5 pallets high, the safety and relatively fast accessing of the products is achieved as the FLT does not enter the racking.
??? Pick face remains constantly full 
??? A low damage environment, with truck outside racking always 
??? High storage density with speedy accessibility, but FILO 
??? Conventional handling equipment can be used 
??? Pallet quality may not be so critical as carts or cradles are always used
When it comes to storage capacity, no system packs more pallets per square foot than our Pushback system. Cube density and selectivity are dramatically improved. 
Design case:

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