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American teardrop pallet racking

American teardrop pallet racking

American Teardrop style pallet racking

Teardrop Pallet Racking is most popular in American and Canada market. It is type of Selective Pallet Racking because of it offers tremendous selectivity,it is the most economical and efficient way to store pallets or bulk boxes and maximize valuable storage space in your warehouse.  Our Teardrop racks can be used for a variety of storage applications including selective pallet storage racks, narrow aisle selective racking, bulk storage, carpet storage, drum storage, cable reel storage, marine boat storage, retail racks, rack supported mezzanines and pick modules.


Teardrop Upright Frames are consisted of  rolled columns with horizontal and diagonal bracing, including standard footplates.  Our racking is available with 3??? x 3??? x 15 gauge steel column with 18,000 lbs. capacity;  3??? x 3??? x14 gauge steel column with 24,000 lbs capacity and 3???x 3??? x 13 gauge steel columns with 28,000 lbs capacity. Capacities are based on beam levels spaced every  48???.  Standard upright color is green or royal blue. Upright Frames are made of two columns joined together by diagonal and horizontal Steel Bracing.Our teardrop rack is manufactured to RMI In USA (Rack Manufacturers Institute Specifications).

1) Omega type Section

2) Frame Bolted with high tensile and anti-skip bolts

3) Steel thickness is 15ga, 14ga , 13ga

4) 2" inch pitch adjustable


Teardrop Step Beams are made of 14 gauge, 15gauge and 16 gauge tubular steel and include a factory installed auto lock Safety Clip which will make a clicking sound once the beam is secure and prevents it from dislodging. Full fillet welds add to the beam's strength and durability Safety orange beams allow lift truck drivers easy recognition of the beam level at high elevations.  Safety orange color aids in safe loading and unloading of racks.

1) Spring automatic safety locks

2) Thickness of 16ga, 15ga and 14ga are available

3) Special 3 or 4 rivets beam brackets 

We have two styles of step beam avaliable for customer's choice as follows; 

Amercian Step Beams (Normal style) :

American Step Beams (With ribs built on face style):

Activities foot plates: We have Both Standard Foot Plate and Seismic Foot Plate for your choice;

The advantage of our Teardrop pallet rack frame

             100% Bolted Connections  Bolt-together rack is stronger than welded systems and far more cost-effective to ship. All bolts for assemble are High tension and Anti-skid bolts

              Fast and Easy Assembly  Our perfectly straight posts (vs. traditional wedge-shaped) allow for quick, easy bracing connection

              Save Freight cost a lot Compared with welded type of frame , The bolted frame will reduce a lot of Freight as it could be break down to be each component to save a lot of shipping space

              Flexible Design  With easy, bolted assembly and a variety of frame depth and heights up to 47 ft, we can meet both standard and custom application requirements.

              Compatible Frames  column profile matches MOST other manufacturer???s teardrop design making it easy to add-on to existing systems

             Galvanized Steel bracing and base plates are constructed of galvanized steel (at no extra cost) preventing rusting and chipping like paint alternatives

              Powder Coat Paint Finish Available in numerous standard and custom colors, our powder coat process provides a uniform and long-lasting finish.

              Quick Delivery - We pride ourselves on short lead times and FAST delivery so you can get back to business!

The Optional Components

1, Rowspacer, Createdistance between each of your pallet rack bays. This allows you to keep all ofthe rows of pallet rack organized, in-line, and spaced evenly. The quantity ofrow spacers needed depends on the height of the uprights.


2, Pallet Supports, For palletsthat are not large enough to fit on a pallet rack shelving level, palletsupports will provide the needed extra platform base. Pallet supports createthe added support by cascading over the face of the beam (waterfall type).Typically, two pallet supports are needed per pallet position.

3, Column Protectors, By addingincreased protection for your storage system, column protectors preserve thecondition and structural strength of your racking. Our typical 12" columnprotector is designed with long lasting steel and easily bolts to the floor forstructural support.

4, Wire decks,Wire decks add utility to your storage unit by providingfurther stability for pallets stored on the racking. Decking can also behelpful for preserving stray product that may come out of boxes or cartons.

Application Cases

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