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50mm pitch adjustable (P50) pallet racking

50mm pitch adjustable (P50) pallet racking

About our 50mm pitch adjustable pallet racking
P50 pallet racking system offers greater flexibility in the adjustment of beam levels with using 3-5hooks beam connector. Apart from providing greater adjustability in beam location, the new beam connectors have an enhanced loading bearing. P50 is designed in accordance to the latest FEM (Europe Federation of Material Handling and storage equipment) standards. It also meets AS4084-2012 Australian Code for steel storage racking.

P50 upright
P50 pallet racking upright has optimum profile with 50mm hole pitch for better capacity and space utilization. The uprights are made from high quality steel and are very rigid. These are then bolted from the stable frame using horizontal and diagonal bracing. Different kinds of base plates ensure loads even distributed on the floor

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P50 beam connectors are designed to increase resistance to sideways movement and effectively take vertical loads and these, movement on specially designed high performance hooks. Beam connector available for use are:3-5 hook, depending on the beam section height and beam loading.

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Closed Box beam

BOX beam are available in a comprehensive range to cover most loading requirement .beam section height available from 80-160mm, thickness are available in 1.5,1.8, Rack Supplier, Pallet Rack Wire Decking)


Integrated beam

Integrated beam are manufactured by special production craft, which of beam section height available from 80-140mm, thickness are available in 1.5 mm.

Safety pin & S safety lock

Each beam end is supplied with steel safety lock or safety pins which guarantee the beam is correctly positioned and help prevent the beam being accidentally dislodged during its work

Base plates

According to different the height of racking system established, some special base plates as suggested, all of them are galvanized which have good anti-corrosion function.

Upright protector

The Upright protector will reduce the damage caused by impact loads. Especially for installations with fast moving products or heavy products upright protectors are essential for the safety and durability of the racking. A number of basic protector are available as follow:

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